Melissa & Liam's Wedding

For a wedding photographer, there is always a wedding which 'kicks off' wedding season, and for me, this was definitely the start of the 2018 season! Melissa & Liam's big day was in March & it was the biggest wedding of the year so far at the time. I don't often get nervous before shooting a wedding, but having only shot a few relatively small weddings earlier in the year, I have to admit I had a few butterflies before this one!

As always I had met Melissa & Liam prior to the big day & was super excited to start capturing their wedding day. From the moment I met them both I knew the wedding would be a good one.

The day began with bridal prep at the hotel. Melissa & her bridesmaid's were full of excitement & energy. Prosecco in hand they were laughing & joking and the atmosphere set the tone for the rest of the day which followed suit. I began as I usually do, documenting the details; the wedding dress, shoes, bouquets, jewellery etc & I couldn't help but overhear the stories & jokes followed by laughter bouncing throughout the room. The bridal prep, I find, is often a good barometer for the day that follows & on this occasion it proved to be correct!

The ceremony was held in a beautifully bright & intimate room packed with the closest of friends & family. All weddings are brimming with love between family & friends but on this occasion this was even more visible. It is difficult to explain this but whilst being a small part in this couples day I could see it in every face in attendance. I think this comes across in the moments captured in my photos as well...

Both Melissa & Liam were so laid back & this was reflected in the whole wedding day... It was a day of pure enjoyment born of a real collective happiness for the couple! One thing I think typifies the laid back nature of these two was the white Converse trainers worn by Melissa throughout the day.. No agonising & decadent high heels for this bride, substance over style, comfort & enjoyment over convention.

I genuinely felt a part of Melissa & Liam's wedding day, the couple & their friends & family were so welcoming & friendly & I actually think I found the speeches funnier than some of the guests! As an avid football fan I particularly enjoyed watching Liam grimace as one of the Best men presented Melissa with a gift... A Spurs football shirt. Liam being a fanatic Arsenal supporter was not impressed.

When photographing a wedding I often find that the day flies by.... one minute your arriving for bridal prep with a few butterflies & the next you're walking out the door having just shot the first dance with a big smile on your face. A smile that every wedding photographer has just after shooting a wedding. As the saying goes 'time flies when you're having fun' and this could not me more true of wedding days!. Melissa & Liam's wedding days seriously flew by & I think this is testament to how much fun it was, not just for Melissa & Liam or their friend's & family but for the photographer as well!

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