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Elizabeth & Nathan

Stunning Wedding Photography by Jack Cook

Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire was the location for Elizabeth & Nathan's wedding, and what a perfect choice this turned out to be. For me, this wedding had something very special about it. It was a wedding which was a total reflection of the bride & groom and was so personal to them, making it completely unique from any other wedding I had been to before.

One highlight of the day which was a first for me was seeing the Bride & groom perform a song for their wedding guests! if that's not a unique touch then I don't know what is! Another part which stays in the memory is the venue for the evening reception. This was an old derelict church in the village which had been decorated especially for the wedding.... Not your average venue for a party!

The quaint and beautiful coastal village of Robin Hoods Bay was the perfect setting for Elizabeth & Nathan's wedding. This was a place that the couple loved & had a personal connection with, so it was the perfect place for them to get married.

Elizabeth got ready for her big day in a small cottage typical of the village. I joined her & her bridesmaids for some bridal prep photos before heading to The secret Seaview Chapel for the ceremony. The ceremony room was a beautiful auditorium like space which allowed friends and family to almost completely surround the couple in the centre during the ceremony. Both Elizabeth & Nathan were beaming throughout, which was clearly contagious to all of their guests who couldn't help but smile.

Following the ceremony live music was performed by some music students of Nathan whilst the wedding guests continued to celebrate the marriage and the newly wed couple even picked up a guitar and performed a song or two for their guests to savour and enjoy! this really was a beautiful moment and a really personal touch which was clearly enjoyed by all! After a few drinks and a few songs it was time for the speeches and wedding breakfast which were also held at the secret Seaview Chapel. I always love the speeches at a wedding, both as a photographer & as a guest and these did not disappoint. I find that speeches are great for capturing candid moments of laughter and the odd teary moment as well and I am always on the lookout to get these natural moments as they are a big part of what a wedding is all about!

After the wedding breakfast had finished Elizabeth, Nathan & myself split off from the other guests and had a little wander around the maze like streets & alleys of the village before having a stroll on the beach. We managed to get some brilliant bride & Groom portraits whilst exploring the village of Robin Hoods Bay. I have done a few weddings in this village & I always find it is a great setting for wedding photographs. Not only is it very picturesque but it is so full of character & quirkiness around every corner.

The evening reception was held in a derelict church which the couple had decorated especially for the occasion. With a live band & a firework display on the beach the happy couple and their friends & family celebrated late into the night, and rightly so!

What I loved about this wedding was the individuality of it. Weddings by nature can be quite conventional due to customs & traditions but I think it is important to plan a wedding how you want it to be! Elizabeth & Nathan certainly did this & I think it was the more memorable because of this!

The Brides wedding bouquet

Wedding photograph of the Bride's wedding dress

The Bride's Garter

Wedding portrait of the bride's father

The Bride putting on her wedding dress

Wedding photograph of the bride getting ready

a detail shot of the Groom's pocket watch

Wedding portrait of the Bride & her Father

Wedding photography by Jack Cook

Portrait of the Groomsmen

Wedding photo of the bride arriving

Wedding details shots

The Groom & Best man by North Yorkshire wedding photographer

The wedding ceremony captured by Jack Cook Photography

The happy couple signing the register

The Bride during the wedding ceremony

wedding detail shot of some confetti

The wedding cake by Jack Cook Photography

The Bride & Groom perform a song together

Wedding photograph of table decorations

The father of the Bride's Speech

Wedding photograph of the wedding speeches

Close up of the wedding cake

Wedding family portrait

The stunning wedding cake

The Bride & Groom cutting their cake

Portrait of the Groom by Jack Cook Photography

Stunning wedding photography by Jack Cook

Bride & groom portrait in black & white

Wedding photography by Whitby wedding photographer

The bride & Groom

Stunning portrait of the happy couple

Couple portrait in black & white
Detail photograph of the Groom's watch

Wedding details by Jack Cook photography

Confetti shot

The happy couple surrounded by confetti

The first dance by Whitby wedding photographer
The first dance in black & white

The wedding band during the evening reception

Bride & Groom portrait in Robin Hoods Bay

Photo of the fish & chip wedding supper

Jack Cook wedding photographer

The evening reception venue

The firework display at the end of the night

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