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Jack Cook Wedding Photography
Jack Cook Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire

Jack Cook Wedding photographer whitby north yorkshire

North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

I'm Jack, a wedding photographer based in the coastal town of Whitby, North Yorkshire. If you've found yourself here, I can only assume you're thinking about planning your big day, so a huge congratulations!  


I've been lucky enough to photograph weddings for over ten years now & I absolutely love what I do. 


I enjoy capturing every aspect of a wedding & offer a relaxed yet professional approach. My aim is to tell the unique story of the day whilst capturing the personality of my couples & their guests through beautiful, authentic images.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. If you have any queries about my wedding photography or would like to discuss your wedding plans, I would love to hear from you...


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Bride and Groom Portrait
Black and white wedding photography
Wedding confetti photograph
North Yorkshire wedding photographer
Wedding portrait in golden hour
Yorkshire wedding photographer
Portrait of the bride and groom
Urban wedding photography
The bride & groom by Jack Cook
By whitby wedding photographer
Wedding portraits by Jack Cook
Natural candid wedding photography
beautiful wedding portrait
The bride & groom confetti photo
Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire
Wedding photograph of Bride & Groom
Wedding portrait photograph Danby
Wedding photograph of bridesmaids
Bride & Groom in forest
Bride and groom wedding photography
photo by photographer Jack Cook

Natural & Genuine, Prompted not posed...

I am primarily a candid photographer & my approach to weddings  reflects this. I want to tell the story of your wedding through real, authentic moments, encapsulating the atmosphere & emotions of your special day.

There's no other day quite like a wedding & for me, the best way of capturing this is by keeping things natural. I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible, as this approach allows me to capture real moments & unfiltered emotion.     

For couples portraits, I prefer to prompt rather than pose, this way I can create beautifully natural & personal images, which are unique to each couple.

Spending your day with your friends & family is what weddings are all about, so I keep the couples photos swift & relaxed, often captured whilst simply having a wander.




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photo by photographer Jack Cook
A Whitby wedding photo by Jack Cook
Wedding photography by Jack Cook
By wedding photographer Jack Cook
Wedding details by Jack Cook
Dog portrait wedding photograph
Jack Cook Wedding photographer
Bride & Groom wedding portrait photo
Bridal party photo by Jack Cook
North Yorkshire wedding photographer
Wedding photograph of bride & Groom
photo wedding photographer Jack Cook
Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire
Wedding photograph by Jack Cook
Wedding photographer Whitby
photo wedding photographer Jack Cook
Moment captured by Jack cook
by Whitby wedding photographer
Flower girl photograph by Jack Cook
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2 Westbourne Grove 


Tel: 07766268448


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